What Do I Need to Prepare Before Installation?

  • Move furniture away from windows (at least 3 feet)
  • Remove blinds, curtains, and drapes and reinstall 24 hours after installation
  • Remove knickknacks, wall hangings, and other valuables displayed near or on window openings
  • Please have your pets confined prior to installer’s arrival
  • Our installers cannot remove or reinstall any security systems or burglar bars.
  • If there are any shrubs that are overgrown, please trim down so that the installer can have easy access to windows.
  • Please remove all cars from driveway

Do I Really Need to Replace My Windows?

  • If you have builder-grade windows, they needed to be replaced the day they were installed to prevent further energy loss and skyrocketing fuel bills.

How Much Will This Cost?

  • Homeowners often ask about cost before they’ve seen the product. Price is meaningless unless you have the opportunity to see the quality of the product. If you are one of our marketing homes, the savings will be dramatic.

When Will My Installers Arrive on the Day of Installation?

Unless otherwise discussed, our installation team will arrive between 8am and 10am on the day of installation.

What Happens in the Event of Inclement Weather?

Unfortunately, weather conditions can change suddenly. Temperature and moisture can affect the way certain materials dry and set. In the event that inclement weather prevents us from installing your windows, a member of our installation team will reach out to you on the morning of your installation to discuss either pushing back the start time or rescheduling for another day.

What Happens if I Need to Reschedule an Appointment?

If you find yourself in need of rescheduling an appointment for a sales estimate, installation, or warranty service, contact your local Energy One office as soon as possible and we will work to find you an alternate appointment time. Spots can fill up quickly so please let us know as soon as possible.

How Do I Refer a Family Member or Friend?

Please contact your local Energy One office with the name and phone number of your friend or family member and we will contact them directly within 24 hours to set up a free estimate. If your referral signs up with Energy One, we will send you a Thank You payment at the time of their installation. If you send a friend or family member our way and they sign up with Energy One within 90 days of your installation, we will send you $300. Any referral beyond 90 days and we will send you $200. There is no limit to the number of referral payments you can receive or the length of time you have to submit a referral.

What Forms of Payment Does Energy One Accept?

We are happy to accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Sorry, no American Express.

Do You Partner With Any Home Improvement Lenders?

Energy One proudly partners with Wells Fargo, Enerbank USA, and Synchrony to provide home improvement financing for your window replacement project.

How Do I Submit a Warranty Service Request?

Please contact your local Energy One office if you need to submit a warranty request. Be prepared to provide a serial number from the warranty sticker located on the inside window frame. If you need help locating the serial number, please reference the diagram below.